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January 16th

December 17, 2009

Nashville Jan. 16th, 2010.. Chief Greenbud show with Muck Sticky and Slick Sid.

Heck you just might see me there too..

The worlds of…

July 2, 2009

Today we check in on the worlds of our different brothers of the RevoluTuck.
First up we check in on the world of Sean Ward. He lets us in on what it’s like to be “Broke and Awesome”.

Next is Henry Hemp, who gives us one possible soluition to our economic woes..

(oh and btw.. that’s brother “CGB”, doing this music, FYI..)

Hot, That’s

June 22, 2009

1239238802827It’s very hot here boys and girls! In more ways than one…
Also A Happy “Fathers Day” to all y’all that qualify.. here is my card for my dad, that I gave him today!dadday-card

Congrats to our own “CGB” for collecting 4 awards from the 2009 AMMA’s

CGB wins 4 – 2009 American Marijuana Music Awards
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Category: Music

The 2009 American Marijuana Music Awards were announced 6-20-2009.
Chief Greenbud won 4 Awards!

Best Male Artist
Chief Greenbud – Toke N Bounce

Best Acoustic Song
Chief Greenbud – A Friend With Weed

Best Legalizaiton Song
Chief Greenbud – The Legalization Song

Best Comedy Song
Chief Greenbud – The Hit That Makes You Cough

I am honored. Thank you!!



Goin’ Down to Mempho’, part 5

June 14, 2009

*warning: Be careful if you go back stage at the New Daisy in Memphis, because “THE STICKY MONSTER’S GONNA EAT YA!!”


Momma Sticky still lookin’ good!100_2219-1


Goin’ Down to Mempho’, part 4

June 13, 2009

Howdy folks! Tuck here, with you again reporting to you this time from the infamous “red room” that is backstage at the ledgendary “New Daisy theater” In Memphis, TN.


And we take you to Chief Greenbud already on the stage….100_2124-1

Somebody hands Chief a new pair of “CGB” sunglasses while on stage…


The Chief gives us a message… I bet you can guess what that message is? (more…)

CGB Merch…

May 7, 2009

OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new Chief Greenbud CD is now officially out for all you good children! “Chief Greenbud 2” is now avaliable for order ! ONLY $10!!!

cd2That and many other CGB Merch for you to drool over!!!

Make sure to tell this nice stoner man, that Mike sent ya!