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Cotton Time Twenty Ten, and other stuff

September 22, 2010

First up take a look at the cotton crop for this year!

UPDATE Part 2.

Also I’m doing a weekly podcast, featuring prank calls and the such on

“High Buddies” launch date has been set for November. Jason Mainella with all 50 strips in had in Montreal.

Animation projects are starting too, with Henry Hemp, more on that next time out, when I think to update thais stuff.



May 5, 2010

Back from the brink it does appear. I have a mess of stuff to update you on. And I also got some spankin’ new farm pix for you to gawk at.

Note the rustic look in above photo. The old farm house was in it’s death throws with it’s electricity and wireing, even worse the the big surge a few weeks earlier. We enlisted the one of the best electritions in the area, just in time as it really began going to pot. No good light to see to shave, etc.

Changing a breaker was beyond what was needed it turns out. A few decades of incompitent wireing and most of our outlets needing replaced. This computer even stopped working, turns out just not enough current was going to it.. too many room going onto one breaker didn’t help things either. Mind you our stress was at full tilt.

The man who worked on the house, last week, was on “Rockstar” of a electritian. He was confident “Don’t worry we’re gonna figure it out”. He works with his wife, and older couple well into their 50’s. Replacing the faulty light fixture in the main dining room during a tornado warning, with the braker is still HOT, isn’t “Rockstar” status, then I don’t know, what is? He then rushes out during that and the flood, and get washed away, figuring he could run to town to get a part at Lows.

We’re lucking to be on high ground, the floods here in Tennessee, this weekend are ledgendary. I think a few roads may still be out.

I heard that the Cumberland river levy broke and flooded the Grand Ol Opery Hotel, in Nashville, even. A friend let a flood victem stay at her house, while she is working in Iraq.

During all of this I recived my own donation, in the form of a second work computer, from my “High Buddies” partner Jason Mainella, of Spliff Tube and Xsessive Designs out of Montral, CA. new Wacom Bamboo tablet to boot and chalk full of CS4 Adobe software.I’ll chalk it up to good Karma, from when I donated a friend a extra PC, last year. I’m very behind in projects, never mind the web comic strip, this so helps me out.

Thanks to who all called me up to check on me during my “Technology Sabatical”. I’ll post the sketches I made to keep myself sane during all of this ordeal.

Oh, other good news I learned today is the return of Madhouse Radio Forums! is MH Live to far behind? Getting my high speed is next on list.. right after a hair cut.

snowded twenty ten

January 30, 2010

Another big snow fall on the farm.. roads are iced up.. just no real reason to get out today anyway.

more laters on…

back logged farm pix

November 27, 2009

Hi there y’all I have a lot of farm pix and cotton field pix I’ve not gotten to upload on here yet.. but here are a few unseen stuff from this past season of ’09.

above screen shots from my now annual hand picking the cotton video.

Jenifer and Laura

August 29, 2009

In case you don’t know I live on a antique farm.. and on the occasion passers by will stop and take pictures or something of the house or barns or the fields.. but I can’t recall this ever happening.


The girls from a local college her passing by our little highway here on her way to Nashville noticed our place and brought her model and knocked and asked was it ok to take photos?

<iframe src=”; scrolling=”no” allowtransparency=”true” frameborder=”0″ width=”430″ height=”360″></iframe><br><a href=”″>unexpected stranges in my yard</a> on <a href=””></a&gt;

Total porn move moment I didn’t take advantage of… SHAME ON ME!


Piano, The

June 19, 2009

The 800 lb gorilla that is our antique 1836-ish-ness, baby grand piano that has been stuck on our front porch, has now been moved back into it’s room.100_2289-1“Peters, Gragg & Co.” c.1836 baby grand, 4 leg for all you music snobs..100_2288-1