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Henry’s March on D.C. poster (WIP)

March 17, 2010

I’m letting you all in as I work out the design for this promo poster for an up-coming “Henry Hemp” event.


Final touches now with the colors, saturated the base color and in a new layer added stronger color in specific areas to make it pop more in areas. then added shading in another layer.

Starting the flat colors. At this point in the digital coloring where I’m mostly just blocking out the areas where the viritery of colors will be on the image.

Ready now for coloring.

Inking in the signs now. added on the capitol dome now too. I pasted that on in a layer behind in photoshop..

Beginning the inking, this first stage returning back to the main board.

A lot of this is left to fix.. namely that front foot… yeeeeeeesh! Henry liked how in the pencils there was a subliminal pyramid shape coming from the crowd at the horizon, so I’m gonna work on that back in it too. (more…)

The Fasination with Ustream

February 13, 2010

I realized about a week or 2 ago that creators to a live drawing commuinty where you see artists, some well known comic and manga cartoonists in the field, drawing live or recorded in real time. Some can be very informitive such as Scott Kurtz’s who does the webcomic “PVP”.  Where the use their screen capture digitely draw in front of your eyes with thier wecam tablets or Cintiqes (its the next step .. a wacam tablet that is a monotor so you draw directly on the glass to the photoshop drawing that you are looking at.)

toonhound Scott Kurtz’s PVP and Webcomics Weekly.

Manga Artist Live! Hamada Yoshikadu, It’s all in Japanese but tons of stuff you get to see him work on.. just blown away, but it!

J. Scott Campbell This is just gold! Image Comics pinup artist. One of the best at drawing super babes.

Skottie Young Marvel stylized toon artist.. just amazing!

There is a lot there if you just type “drawing” in the search window over there.

Now this becomes the question, Would you be interested if I stared up a Ustream drawing channel?

Hand Job

July 31, 2009

Regardless of how you might feel of this title, hopefully the end result, there will be a “happy ending”.


Right so.. yeah there has been some inner conflict recently with my self as an artist. Regarding my skills at drawing hands. My skills over this summer have seamed to .. well.. I fell like there can deteriorate if I don’t excersize my artist “mussel”. I’m forgetting how to draw hands.. I mean really, what the fuck?
Ok, To be really honest here.. hands have always been a weak area, for me.. My hands in drawing really stand out.. My mom says she can always tell it’s me by the hands. Is it because they are “shitty” hands?.. I dunno. (she also sees hidden secret faces in details of things, but that’s another post altogether.)
I’ve been really buckling down and using most of my time to brush up on my hands. Every artist, regardless of your skill level or how talented you are, should take a time out and relearn how your are doing things. It should be every so often. What you’ll discover is, “ahah.. I never noticed that before.” Heck, copying is always the best way to learn.
Screw how talented you may fell you are, or how everybody around you says you are.. You can always be BETTER!
One method to getting hands to look right is to just take photos of your own in the position that you need them to be.. You can see one of those studies at the top. This was a quick fix when I was in a blitz of work to get things done and out. Now though It’s no excuse I gotta bear down and fix this problem. Tutorials in book and online does help.. Going back and refreshing yourself on construction and all of that.