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R.I.P. Roxanne

April 17, 2009

Hi guys, well we had her really for a few years.. that my sister got and lived down from us. and last year we kept her with up permment when sis moved back into town. She has had a history with heart worms soo… she’s been living the good life as a farm dog hunting running and playing and barking at the moon with the other dogs and animals out here, so It’s been the good life for her, you know? And yes SWEETEST NATURED DOG EVER!!



Ok, my back is throbbing from the hole digging, back at y’all laters on.


Cotton Time part 2

October 20, 2008

I snaged a few more field pix. I’ve also been toying with the diffrent settings on this camera.

Everybody be sure to comment and spread the word, check out the webcomic that is he also. And check out the classic Dr. Who shows that are on here too.

The white speck, through the trees, is my house.

Some Wildlife.

I got a trim… ok I got a cut… kinda on the short side, but it grows out pretty fast.