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back logged farm pix

November 27, 2009

Hi there y’all I have a lot of farm pix and cotton field pix I’ve not gotten to upload on here yet.. but here are a few unseen stuff from this past season of ’09.

above screen shots from my now annual hand picking the cotton video.

Piano, The

June 19, 2009

The 800 lb gorilla that is our antique 1836-ish-ness, baby grand piano that has been stuck on our front porch, has now been moved back into it’s room.100_2289-1“Peters, Gragg & Co.” c.1836 baby grand, 4 leg for all you music snobs..100_2288-1


Country snaps

June 6, 2009


I’ve been sitting on a bunch of unreleased pix of out ridding here in the rual neighborhood.

Here are some landmarks of Luray itself.

“Country Crossing” sign


The artisian well



This is, you could say, is our “Grey Gardens” house.. it’s rummurd to be an essintric lady with all kinds of stray animals.


This ia a great local catfish lake.


There was alot of planting going on last month..



I have a lot more to show, will return Monday.

PickTure Takin’

April 23, 2009

To get me head into another frame of mind. I went out drivin’ around the area out here in rural West Tennessee, where I live. I’ve been cooped up in the stufio for way to long, ya know?

Jimmy Wells Gro. You can get a little of anything here….




In the vain of Sean Ward, a lot of these can be generic band album covers…




Next up was “Garnertown” A lot more rougher area..


These are at a run down race car dirt track.. it’s just up the hill from me. And durring the seasons ot was acrive I could hear all the action.. VERY WELL!! .. allll night long!!!….




An abandoned old country store .. excelent movie local..


And look there’s even a little lake right behind it!


A big German shepperd was not fond of my pressence so got on out of there.

It got even more hairy when I took these at a red neck dive bar… That was next to this old little Barber shop….


A old drunk came out all parinoid that I was takin’ pix (at a public place no doubt)

“whatca doin??” I first hurried back in the car.. thinking he was looking for a hand out.. as old sad drunks tend to do.. “they don’ like just any one takin’ pictures without permission” . I gave them some bullshit about how my dad used to go there to have his hair cut.. blah blah blah.. and got the golly fuck outta there!

I guess There were scared that thier little shit hole bar was going to end up on somebodies internet blog and be exposed… oh well …


Saint Farm Pix Time again…

March 17, 2009

Some fresh yard photos fer ya lads and lassies!





Cotton Time part 2

October 20, 2008

I snaged a few more field pix. I’ve also been toying with the diffrent settings on this camera.

Everybody be sure to comment and spread the word, check out the webcomic that is he also. And check out the classic Dr. Who shows that are on here too.

The white speck, through the trees, is my house.

Some Wildlife.

I got a trim… ok I got a cut… kinda on the short side, but it grows out pretty fast.