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raymi new!

December 20, 2009

Another little doodle of Raymi The Minx !


More thoughts about Bettie Page

December 15, 2008

Bettie was a well known face in a very closeted industry, of the time that was the 1950s. And actually was named as part of a MaCarthy board hearing regarding indecency. So with that she would be more infamous them starlet Marlin Monroe famous. Then after the 50’s nothing from her at all. This is when the myths started.. She was murdered by the FBI…  aliens kidnapped her…..etc….

When I first started seeing the Bettie Page stuff around in the very late 80’s – early 90’s, I had it in my head that it was some hip company out of LA that was producing images by a modern day model, who was dressing in retro 40’s 50’s style and made the photos look old. How cool!!! I was nieave that the actual 50’s went this cool, with the moral standard and so on.

Now she was becoming marketable in catalogues and in many contemporary pinup art and illustrations. Artist’s Like Dave Stevens, Olivia and Jim Silk were banking on images of the Bettie Page girl that is shrouded in mystery.

It took somebody to get a hold of her and have her to realize that there was a whole subculture of catalogue and mechanize devoted to her image. She was a little old church going grandmaw living in Fla., or something completely, unaware that any of this was even going on.

She did reconnect and did get to experience some new exposure, and make some limited appearances signings, etc. She did not want to be photographed in the new interviews feeling that she wanted to be remembered like she was and not spoiling the illusion.

More art and pictures can be found here.