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From a Red State Looking Into A Blue World.

November 6, 2008

So it’s no surprise to me that my home state of Tennessee would stuck to it’s stubborn guns and not take the risk of moving forward. And it’s ok, I’ve been surrounded by it all my life. It’s my mark being the odd ball out. Heck, I’m acualy respected for it. So it’s great to see the odd man out get it for all of us.

I have a few friends outside of the country that are looking at this election event bare knuckled. It’s as important if not more to them, than us here. Because the United States is the world stage, of politics and the prime super power and influence. The 21st Century is now truly here. I will tell you that, the household here is split on who voted for who. The new age hippie, in me will say “you’re holding on to the 20th Century”. Meaning MaCain is a good choice if it was somewhere in the last century.. “1950” thinking.. and yes very progressive choosing a woman like he did….. wanting to plop up nuclear power plants all over the place …. The experience to orchestrate a war and making sure the wealthy keep their $$$.
The thing is the 1960’s happened. Civil rights sexual and cultural revolution, age of Aquarius and all of that knocked a crack into the surface of the gate that would cross into the upcoming new century.

The remaining decades were a frantic hanging on to the 1950 outlook. Hanging on as hard as they cold as the wind from the crack kept sucking us toward the “gate” they would makeshift a way to board it up. The “W. Bush era” was the last gasp to rape and pillage before it was finally withered away and the seal of the gate finally forced it’s self fully open as of yesterday. The people came out in line, they were ready that know it was time. We knew the world was looking up at us. We as a nation did it for US, we knew to was time to flush the backed up poo waters that we have recycled and have been digesting.
On the other side is fresh water and clean air.. The sunshine to get on our face.

We’ll fumble and stumble but we’ll do it on our own terms this time.

Angry Al

September 27, 2008

Al Capp was a great satire cartoonist of the mid 20th century. He however lost touch with what he was lampooning by the time this cool documentary about him came out in 1970. FOX News ain’t fer another 40 years.