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The “Cave”

August 25, 2009


Ok so I’ve been out of sorts with keeping in tune with what has been going down here @ “RevoluTuck Productions”. And why has the radio show gone away.. and where are the silly posts of odd youtube vids and farm pictures that everybody loves?

Well the this is in fact so much is going on, that I’ve not had the chance to sit and tell you guys all of it!


The term my fellow ambitious friends call “The Cave”.. where we hole ourselves up and do the work not communicating with the outside world.

Ok so what has been going on with me then? Well where to start.. First thing I’d say is the film.. Yeah so durring my birthday I get the message that an Indi-film producer is asking me for art work.. and background plates that is to be used for green screen useage. The short film is a documentery of the book “The Emporor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer. It’s a all around fact book about the benifits of hemp and marjuana and is the “bible” of the medival marjuana activist communty pushing state and federal goverments to legalize.

Here is the link to the production Co. headed by “my new fan” Malissa Balin

Henry Hemp set me up with that because they are using him the the film, plus we are also working with the tv show “Cannabis Planet”.

We are despretly trying to find a way to make this studio set up for animation too.. (we need software!)

Oh yes speaking of software.. my “Photoshop Elements” broke.. anybody know how to help full get rid of it so I can reinstall? Without totally doing a fresh reinstall of everything that is on my iMac G5.. (and all you pc tech snobs don’t crack jokes about my mac please!…. stick to you daily virus alerts.. ok?)

I’ve been using a alternatve app .,that came with my scanner.. and taking my thumb drive over to my old slow iMac that has a really old version of Adobe Photoshop on it.

Thus not much sleep.. and this studio is a mess. Th floor is full of markers crayons color pencils and paper I had to use.. I cant color all that well digitly.. and the old computer is so slow… it’s driving me crazy!


I’ve neglected some other project I had promised I hope to get to them that are waiting on me..

Back with cool blogs and pictures and new rambeling on things.. Hopefully some philosiphy that I’ve aquired while doing this here stuff lately.

Cannabis Planet

August 13, 2009

If you have access to LA local TV tonight, premiers the first 2 episodes of “Cannabis Planet”. KJLA 11:30 PM. As well as online for all the rest of us.

cannabisposter copy

regular visiters start getting used to me talking about this show in the coming future.

(Oh and can old fellow prank call fans reconize a name in the poster?)

((speaking of prank calls.. Madhouse Radio is currently down I’ll explain later..))

OMG (pun intended)

June 19, 2009

Henry Hemp stands his ground on evangelical TV “Living Waters”. Holy jumpin’ Jesus, what an amazing piece of video!!!


Ashes To Ashes

February 8, 2009

Looks like there’s already a sequel to (the BBC version) “Life On Mars”. This time out the setting in London 1981. And using another Bowie song title, “Ashes To Ashes”. It’ll be popping up on BBC America real soon.


October 29, 2008

In 1988, local UHF TV station in Minneapolis, MN’s KTMA, took a risk on recently retired stand up comedian, Joel Hodgson. This is the pilot that in just a short few years, to be a cult comedy classic. He called it “Mystery Science Theater 3000”.

Part 1. of Ep K00 “The Green Slime”.

Part 2.