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February 27, 2010

Jeff Smith has a birthday so what’s a better time to give props to one of the greatest cartoonist of the last 20 years?


Creator of Bone in 1991, Smith was part of the indipendent publishing boom in the comic book industry, and he is still afloat today. He is an ifluintal force in cartoonists today.

Oh Bode’…

February 26, 2010

Vaughn Bode

His work from the 1960’s and early 70’s inspired the Bashki animated film “Wizards”. but how many of you know of his actual work. Just amazing I think.


The Fasination with Ustream

February 13, 2010

I realized about a week or 2 ago that creators to a live drawing commuinty where you see artists, some well known comic and manga cartoonists in the field, drawing live or recorded in real time. Some can be very informitive such as Scott Kurtz’s who does the webcomic “PVP”.  Where the use their screen capture digitely draw in front of your eyes with thier wecam tablets or Cintiqes (its the next step .. a wacam tablet that is a monotor so you draw directly on the glass to the photoshop drawing that you are looking at.)

toonhound Scott Kurtz’s PVP and Webcomics Weekly.

Manga Artist Live! Hamada Yoshikadu, It’s all in Japanese but tons of stuff you get to see him work on.. just blown away, but it!

J. Scott Campbell This is just gold! Image Comics pinup artist. One of the best at drawing super babes.

Skottie Young Marvel stylized toon artist.. just amazing!

There is a lot there if you just type “drawing” in the search window over there.

Now this becomes the question, Would you be interested if I stared up a Ustream drawing channel?

Saturday Morning as I saw it: Seriously

January 6, 2010

More early childhood cartoon memories…

For ‘Lil Hollywood

July 9, 2009



March 12, 2009