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Oh, and I almost forgot…

February 27, 2010

… To tell ya about this email I got yesterday. 😀

Hi, Mike….I am doing a journal page, sort of in memory of a very good friend who was a Beatles fan. I would like to use the sketch you did for the 2009 celebration as part of it. My page will be posted on a digital scrapbooking site,, in a gallery there for journal posts.
I love your sketch and the way it fits with, and into, my journal page!
Here is my work to date, almost finished, possibly a few little changes (nothing to the sketch):
I, of course, will not post without your permission. I will credit you by name, and website or whatever else you want.

Thanks for your consideration…..
Barbara Peters


November 22, 2009

Most archive entries I get are for things like Betty Page, Silent film starlet Louise Brooks, that entry I did on Hawkwind.. and The Beatles and Doctor Who respectfully. The art entries get a bump every now and then. but for the most part that above gets the biggest hits via google search.

I get a good number of readers a day.. so that’s good. I just wish it was more active in the comments.

Beatle Day, Part Zwei

September 11, 2009

I was obsessed by the technical aspect of The Beatles albums by the time I was a Senior in High School.. It primarily over took any other interest I had. Mostly I was fascinated on how they produced the “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” album. I would fend over any bit of info I could find in a book, or documentary on that subject. This was in the late 1980’s too, so Anthology hadn’t came out yet. I’d just draw Beatles stuff.. I even created a alternate world Beatles band… like I said I was a bit crazy. I could care less about school by that point either.


So looking at the demos on youtube of the Rock Band game.. this EXACTLY what I would have wanted to see!.. the studio and equipment is beyond accurate.. as is dress and even character attitude.. shit, It’s amazing to see other people even more obsessed then I was, into making this thing look right. Only 20 years later do I get to see this but hey whatever, right?

Bonus RevoluTuck point to MST3Claye for posting above vid on this  facebook.

And we gotta have “Revolution” on here too, yeah?

Happy Beatle Day!

September 8, 2009

They have marked Sept, 9th, 2009 as Beatles marketing frenzy.. all sorts of product and events are going on.. so yeah.. now you know!




As a bonus watch The Beatles Anthology.